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This code of conduct is a frame of support for my work as a Yoga Teacher on and off the mat in all my offerings, classes, retreats, workshops and teacher trainings.

It is intended to create a clear set of intentions to simplify the relationship between students and teacher. If for any reason you feel uncomfortable, please let me know. You can adress me in person or send an e-mail to All e-mails will be answered in a reasonable time frame.

  1. All students of yoga are welcome at any time, with no discrimation of any type regarding gender, sexual orientation, colour, age, income, yoga level, background, etc.

  2. A yoga class/other yoga event is a safe space where you can relax, dive deep, and be yourself.

  3. The realtionship between yoga student and teacher is clear and direct. If there is any doubt, please adress the issue.

  4. Touch can be an important tool to guide people in the Asanas practice or to bring awareness to the breath. If at any moment, you don’t want to be touched, let the teacher know. Know that none of the contact mentioned above is in any way sexually charged.

  5. As a group, teacher and students respect each other and each other’s space.

  6. We treat the Yoga Room (Shala), the changing rooms and other spaces, the materials and the yoga props with great care. Please put back the yoga props neatly, as you found them.

  7. No open drinks (mugs, glasses, etc) in the Shala, please use only bottles that are proof and can be closed.

  8. Take as little as possible and only what is needed to the Shala. Leave your life outside, this means also handbags, cell phones, etc.

  9. Step into the Shala with care and respect other people's silence or inward turning by avoiding chatting, small talk, loud talk, etc.

  10. By practicing yoga, mostly our senses become more sensitive. Therefore:

  • No strong perfumes.

  • If needed, shower before class.

  • No cell phones or smart watches unless it's really needed, and in this case please talk to Michela first.

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