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A storm is going to come, alwayas

We like to think of everything we have of being fix and stable. What is here, is here and will be so tomorrow and in the future, or at least for a good while. It seams that all what is happening in our life is so important. We are looking for repetition to live again and again the same experiences because they pleased us once. But the reality is slightly different, things will never be the same and, most important, storms always come, regardless of our desired experience and our expectations. For the next storm to come, it’s just a matter of time.

And yet, when we are floating high on a really nice period, everything is going great and we feel happy, we really believe to be able to hang on to that experience, to extend it, to live it from that moment onwards. We secretly know this is not possible, that another type of wave will come in, maybe lower, maybe smaller, but we still clinch to the idea of keeping things the way they are.

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