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And there is also darkness

The days are getting longer, the sun warmer. But darkness is still here, and to a certain extent it’s always within us. I find it interesting how often in the “yoga world” we tend to focus on the lightness and the bright side. It’s also the case in the widespread concept of “positive thinking” (see my blog related to this topic) and similar schools of (self help) thought. In reality, where there is light there is always also darkness. And it can be very liberating to just watch this darkness and acknowledge it as much as the bright side.

By acknowledging and accepting the dark side, the days we are a little bit down, the moments we don’t feel “just fine”, but also the darker parts of ourselves we don’t really want to show, we can develop a deeper awareness and understanding. This will ultimately help to accept things the way they are. It’s all just completely fine, somehow.

The waves of brightness-darkness, high tide-low tide, joy and pain are part of us as they are part of all things and beings around us. Passing through the shadows, deepening the experiences also in dark moments can only help us to grow, transform and heal. In my opinion, it’s mostly about acceptance. Sometimes freedom really starts when we let go of the concepts we were clinging to and accept rise and fall, light and dark, joy and pain, and just dance with the crazy turns of life as well as we can. Plus, we don’t really dance alone.

“What hurts you, blesses you. Darkness is your candle.” ― Rumi

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