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Bárðabunga or what will be

Bárðabunga is a volcano in Iceland. And since a few days the seismic activity increased dramatically so that experts and the public is expecting it to erupt. But, no one knows when, how, how strong, and IF it will actually erupt. From what i understood a bunch of scenarios are still completely open.

Why i am writing about Bárðabunga? As many of you know i have spent quite a lot of time in Iceland this summer. So, as a naturally curious creature interested in nature, i immediately asked my friends up there: “so what’s up with Bárðabunga, will it erupt? are you worried? what are you doing?” and so on.

The answer has been, from different sides and with different words: if it will, it will, if not not. Then we will see. Simple, no?

What a great answer and how true is this, again. If old Bárðabunga decides to burst out, it will. And then things will be different, as it often happens, of course not only with volcanoes. And then, well, we will see what to do with this different circumstances. The scenarios we are living in are not set, they are almost completely open, even in our routine ruled lives where everything seems so fixed, set and decided. A volcano (metaphorically speaking) somewhere close or less close to us can erupt at any time. The best thing to do is probably to be open to this changes, ready and present in order to react the best way with the new given circumstances. Ready to ride the wave of life. Just doing what we can and giving our best, and being connected to our core.

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