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Fearing the unknown

Did I already write about fear? No, but I have the impression I did. It’s probably because fear is almost in everyone of us: fear of loss, fear of heights, fear of being too fat, fear of not being good enough, fear of change. We are all consciously and unconsciously ruled by fear. Really? Probably, even if I like to say about myself that I am fearless. But we’ll notice some sort of fear somewhere if we really dig deep, also thinking about how we perceive things, the choices we make and our (recurrent) thoughts.

Fear is like a poison that freezes you, doesn’t let you breath and makes you return back to your comfort zone for protection. Fear is actually a poison that will intoxicate your body and soul. Fear is natural, fear is strong. But can’t we let go of it a little bit? Fear has so many faces, and I am sure we can drop some of them. Maybe the ones our society has started feeding us with since we were little.

I have been reading and researching about yogini Ana Forrest lately. In her book “Fierce Medicine”, fear is a very present topic. And like many others, from yogic and non yogic traditions, Ana empathises on the importance of knowing one’s fears and getting to realize the power of fear over us and our bodies. And of course, finding a way to let go of those fears.

I don’t have a solution, but as a sort of answer I’ll quote anti-Mafia magistrate Paolo Borsellino. He was killed with five security agents by a mafia car bomb in Palermo in 1992.

“Chi ha paura muore ogni giorno, chi non ha paura muore una volta sola.” Paolo Borsellino

(The one who fears dies everyday, the one who fears not, dies only once)

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