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On change

Change is happening all the time and is inevitable.

That’s nothing new, we know it. And we have all experienced it, starting sometime as a child when our pet died, our father left or our family decided to move to a different city. We know it, it is somewhere deep in us, that change happens all the time, and yet we think and hope some things will stay. As magic moments are happening, we just desire they never go away. And we look for repetition, in order to reproduce the moments we want to stay with us. Also, most of us think of themselves as a non changing entity. I am like this, was brought up like that, in a society that works like this. So this is it, I just have to cope with it. Resignation on something that we are, or are supposed to be, is often what is going on.

As a matter of fact, change is really everywhere. We can change too. And we can’t do anything to stop changes in us and around us to happen. Because they will keep happening, independently of us letting it or not. So why not just try to accept that change is a rule? And maybe to get less attached to whatever might change.

It can be very liberating. Starting by small things, like our wardrobe. Getting rid of some clothes we once thought being amazing and now we actually don’t wear any more but keep “just in case”. What about our habits? And the people surrounding us? Are we connected to them or we have contacts with them just because we are used that way or really because we can grow together? The more we are aware of the inevitability of constant change, the easier it will be to face changes once they arrive, mostly unannounced.

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