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One year without new clothes – part 4- I received the most beautiful yoga leggings from my dad for X

I basically am almost done with completing one year without buying new clothes. There is just another three months to go! And to my surprise, it has been really easy. I never thought that I needed more clothes, there was always enough, and I actually gave away plenty of clothes and reduced my wardrobe even more. I learned a lot about myself and my “patterns” as a shopper, even if I have never been a crazy one, and I am sure this will help me even after I complete the year at the end of March 2017.

That said, I’ll be honest: there is one item I really kept on seeing and having thoughts about. You know I am a yoga teacher, there are days I only wear yoga clothes from morning to evening. I wake up, do my own practice, go teach maybe two or three classes in different yoga outfits. So there was this yoga leggings by Teeki I really liked. Yes. I saw it probably already two months ago for the first time. I couldn’t get them out of my head. I mean, yes of course, they where not a constant thought, but I kept on seeing them: hanging in the yoga studio where I teach and online…

So I told my dad! Yes, I am 40 and yet I tell things like that to my father. And since it was just before Christmas, he simply told me: “well, I will buy them for you as a gift! Actually, that’s great that you tell me about what you wish since I never know what to buy”. I couldn’t say no. Seeing the hotpants (see pict below) probably will make you smile: I felt like a teenager, for the style and for the way this all happened.

Yet, this really warmed my hearth. It’s not the first time I receive clothes as a gift this year, I probably received more than I usually do. From people who knew what I was doing and had the impression I needed some “fresh” stuff. But also from people who did not know what I was doing. Each time I got some clothing from someone, I was super happy, really appreciating, holding the item, caressing it, feeling the fabric, smelling it.

Thank you all for your gifts and support and feedbacks. I still have three months to go!

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