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Remain (completely) still

There are so many experiences, so many insights, so many really interesting and in the same complicated openings I would love to share with you after my 8 days silent Zen meditation retreat with Micheal Stone in France. I will try to organise my thoughts, and publish more in the next months.

For now, I can use one term to summarize the deep experience: stillness. I had done some other silent meditation retreats, but the stillness and the immobility I have experienced this time was far beyond. We were a group of 60 yogis, from all around Europe and even the US, and I still can not believe that for 8 days, during every single one of our 30 minutes seated meditations sessions, no one would stand up and no one would barely move.

It has been a very inspiring experience. For as hard as it was, I think in the morning around 7 the temperature in the Zendo was not above 10 C and it was very humid by the river, I felt so supported by everyone around me. The stillness I experienced at times was extremely grounding and in the same time very very expansive.

I have come home more than a week ago now, it’s actually been almost two weeks. And yet, lots of that stillness and I could add, slowness, spaciousness, calmness, still remains. I am very very thankful to this experience and to every teacher on my way around the Moulin des Chaves during that 8 days.


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