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Simplifying my life - Una vita più semplice

During the weeks between Christmas and the beginning of the new year I have been meditating, journalling and turning inside to listen. One thing that has become clear to me is that my life is rather complicated, or maybe complex defines it better. Complex in the sense that I do many different things, some of them apparently unrelated to each other. I live in different places, I have at least 5 toothbrushes spread in 5 homes, I don’t remember where my favourite mala is …

This is me. Sometimes I wonder why it’s like that. But it’s not bothering me, it’s keeping me awake and gives me the opportunity to see things from a different perspective each time and hopefully to share my experiences with others. I have learned to be organised and to live out of a suitcase, as they say. And it works.

Yet during these days of introspection I did find out that there’s a lot I could improve. And when I say improve I just mean simplify. There is still so much complexity in my nomad life. Simplifying is not easy at all. It’s a constant process of re-evaluating what really counts and eliminating what is not important (any more). And the good news is: you are never done. One might say that’s rather the bad news.

I think it’s very positive. We can compare it to yoga asana, you are constantly re-inventing the pose, adapting it, learning new things on anatomical and energetic levels. If you get to a point where you think you are done with the pose, you lost your open view and your capacity to learn further. Likewise, reconsidering the system of what counts in your life, what is important, what makes you feel alive and what not, is a constant process that never ends and that makes us keep a soft and receptive mind.

Because that’s what’s about: keeping open, receptive and flexible. In order to do that, we need space, space that has to be created by taking away “stuff” we don’t need, by simplifying. And of course I am not talking about the physical flexibility. Which, will come anyway once the mind declutters, simplifies and focuses.

Further read on how to simplify your life here.

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