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The healing powers of vibration

💎 As you tap into the realm(s) behind what you see or don't see, what you like and you dislike, what you judge good or bad - often there is sound, Nada, and/or vibration 💎

I have been using crystal bowls in my personal practice since aproximately a year now. As it often was the case in my journey, they arrived via a series of connections and threads trough new and old friends. 🧚

These bowls from Crystal Tones are simply amazing. I really have a hard time to find words to describe the qualities of healing and opening we have experienced so far.🔻

In Yoga practices, sound - Mantra, Nada - is present since centuries. The use of bowls like the ones in the picture is a more recent development. Yet if fully aligns and integrates the hatha practices. 💎

Often the bowls are attuned to certain energy centers, and when played in an aware and awaken way they can open, heal, unlock energies in whoever comes in contact with it's vibrations. Willing or not. 💠

I have started usind the bowls during retreats and teacher trainings over the last months, with very interesting results. Everyone will react in a slight different way, and it realates a lot to the rest of the practices the person is doing and their ongoing process. I found that opennes via meditation, pranyama, self inquiry and asana creates - as always!- a fertile ground for healing with the bowls as well. 🟣

Last sundy I hosted my first crystal bowls and yin SPECIAL class @casa_corvo_yoga. It was beyond words. I will offer those on a regular basis and can't wait to share more healing tunes with you. 🔹

Also, if you feel the call to get in touch with the healing sound and vibration of my bowls, please contact me so we can arrange a 1 to 1 session. ✨

Thank you for the love, support and intuition 💜 Joyah from @liquid_light_healing

Thanks for the photo Michela Di Savino @micheladisavino 🙏🏼

Thank you @crystaltones

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