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This is it, now.

A few weeks ago I was reminded again on the importance of being present in the NOW. One of my teachers repeated us how important it was to be aware of what we are doing in the present moment. How important it is to realize the body we have now, the mind we have now, what is there for us now. She put it in a very direct way: “this is it. We are not rehearsing for something that might come later”.

What a nice reminder.

I found it very interesting and it put me thinking about the choice of the verb “to rehearse”. It means, doing tests of something real that happens later. Lake a band playing before a concert. How many times are we actually just rehearsing? Most of the times, I guess, we are doing things half way because we think we will get the chance to do them again, better. Or, also, we might do things not fully because we think that in any case, we will be able to decide later on if we really want to do it or not. How many times we postpone, because we are lazy to take a decision and think we have still plenty of time?

But time slips away. Things change. Season come and go. So let’s try to not rehearse as if we will get the chance to do better or differently next time. Life is now, even if it sounds like (and is) a mobile phone marketing slogan.

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