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What do we teach in yoga?

I just finished teaching a yoga week and I am very thankful, extremely tankful to the people who shared this week with me. It is fascinating and so interesting to see the smaller and bigger shifts when working together a few days in a row and dedicating more time to the practice in a nourishing environment that allows space and freedom.

Each time I find myself in this situation, before even starting, I ask myself: what is yoga for me? And what do I want to transmit? What is my intention in teaching yoga this week? As yoga teachers, being clear about our intentions, our motivations and areas we are working in, is a very basic and yet fundamental question.

My answer sounded more or less like that: for me yoga is connection, connection to my periphery in the body, connection to the community and society around me, connection to my deepest thoughts, feelings and emotions trough my actions. My intention in teaching is to give at least one insight in that vast net of connections. How to show that?

It is interesting how once an intention is set, things start to flow. I had a plan, sure. But even with that plan, i realized the intention was shining through my actions making me say things i did not plan, and making me do stuff I did not think I would do.

So in the end of the day, what we teach are not the fancy poses and not even the very basic poses. We make use of these tools, sure. Yet, in teaching what we do is establishing a connections, maintaining it alive, and letting some words and actions flow outwards. I observed myself becoming more and more a channel.

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