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When change comes over night, or maybe not

We do feel it, in our body that feels sticky, not flexible, or maybe it is flexible but the “flow” is not there and so it still does not feel flexible. We do feel it when we take a close look in the mirror. We actually know it, because our body, our cells, the seeds we have planted and carry around with us are wise and old, and they do know. The inherent intelligence our body carries along is often silenced down. And yet, it knows.

In the last two weeks I have been guiding my classes using the wisdom of Manipura Chakra. For me this energy centre is crucial, it’s the one that unlocks the upper ones, but also the one that permits us to really connect with the lower ones.

When fear arises, our belly sucks in, when we are nervous, our belly speaks, when we are in love, we are not hungry and feel butterflies. When we tap into it we connect to our intuition, who knows what is right. Or when the change is going to come. Because it will come, always.

Then it happens, and yes we are surprised, but not really. The flow knew it, the stickiness knew it. Today I had the occasion to meet up with the reason of a big life change that has happened to me now more than three years ago. I am so thankful for that change that seemed to be so bad, so dramatic and almost cruel at the time. I remember sitting down, literally, and starting meditating and doing Pranayama. Doing that internal work has allowed me to feel that this change was already there way before the painful “surprise”. It allowed me to learn a lot about me and on how I had shut down my Manipura, my intuition. Little by little, the flow, slowly, very slowly, started to get going. And it took a direction that I never could have imagined that way. How can I not be thankful for that change?

How many of us have been stuck with some sort of life changing change that has happened almost over night? Probably everyone in a way or the other. Some of us might think their change is bigger than others change. Some of us might think it wasn’t such a big deal. As bad as it is, there’s some learning, some growing, some valuable process in any sort of change. And change, big or small, is everywhere. Easy to say, hard to do, embracing the change will just help the process. But also realizing that the change, the changed, the changing, is already there in us if we really listen carefully. Sticky, hidden but there.

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