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These new years resolutions

… we never fulfil.

I am sure this has happened to all of you: it’s the end of the year, everyone, in a way or the other, feels the power of the ending and, more than anything, the power of a new beginning. It can be just for a few minutes, the time to have a quick glance to the sky, or it can be a feeling that pervades for hours, days, even weeks. It’s the beginning of a new year, we have the chance to change things!

It’s somehow empowering to have the impression we get the chance to do it again, to change some things about our life, to start all over. Somehow. I spent this end of the year doing yoga, yoga on the 31 December and yoga on the 1 of January. We had a great time chanting, meditating, breathing and moving our bodies. It was a more silent and conscious way to close a cycle and open a new one. Yet the basic idea behind it stays the same. We can change, what shall we change? Shall we actually change? This could turn out to be a hard thing…

I actually did not set any big goals, big resolutions of change. And I think it’s better like that, I am trying to keep this realistic and very down to earth. I just decided to keep that silence and that consciousness during all 2015. More silence, less social media, more real contact with people, less Facebook.

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