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Music, the vibration inside

What a gift to get the chance to come to music, or for the most of us: to come back to music, because it was always there.

We all can feel the vibrations of music inside of ourselves. There is no need to be a musician or to know much about music. Sometimes it’s enough just to hum a song. That’s what I become aware of lately. Like many of us, I started playing an instrument as a child. But having to deal with the set system of classical music and music where there is right and wrong that do not leave much space for the rest, has been rather frustrating. I can speak from my experience. I loved listening to the sound of a piano, so that I convinced my parents that I wanted to take piano lessons. I admired my teachers, but somehow never really made it to meet their expectations. I was coming back to class, week after week, but I was unable to do the assignments and homework properly. I was also a little bit lazy, let’s face it! I ended up being really frustrated, and being more disconnected than connected with the instrument. My parents had spent a lot of money on an amazing Steinway & Sons piano, I could not just give up like that. But it was so… well, after a few years that was it. And for a long time, music seemed out of my reach.

In the past few months I have had the chance to meet amazing people living music in a completely different way. The great teaching of this, was to realize that there is no black or white, right or wrong. Indeed, there are instruments where playing is really playing, intuitively and freely. I have enjoyed playing guitar, kalimba and singing. Music now vibrates and creates space and openings. And it creates the most amazing connection. Last week I dared to sing ONE super easy mantra while the yoga students were in savasana. My fingers where shaking, the cords (super easy) felt sticky and very difficult. But it worked! And I am still deeply thankful for that precious moment.

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