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The mysteries (of life)

Often we ask ourselves “why is this happening?”, or “what is this all about?”. Or simply “why?”. There are so many things we can not explain, that just happen. From the timing of a thunderstorm, to the reason why you are chosen for a job and not the other 20 candidates who applied, to the moment you cross someone’s else path that will change things. Often, especially when the “thing” happening seams negative, not clear or difficult, we spend time thinking about it and questioning why this has happened. And we waste an enormous amount of energy analysing, dramatising and categorising.

It happens to anyone. I like to repeat myself in this and in other cases: it’s just the mystery of life. That’s how it is. It’s the mystery of the wheel spinning, it’s the mirroring perception and not the true sight. And then try to let go of the “thing”. I know, it’s really not an easy one. It’s easier to stay with your inner voice repeating oh, why is this happening, why me, etc. But letting it go gives you so much more time and energy just to turn your head around yourself, see what’s going on here and now and grab what you need. And if this means a change, fine.

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