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Who am I (today)?

Right now I am a translator, working on an extremely long text about gender studies. I am sitting in front of my computer, serious and concentrating on every word I write. Later on I will be a Yoga teacher, leading my students trough their practice, being supportive, compassionate, light and yet centred and focused. For my Yoga class tonight, I decided to choose the theme “thoughts on what we are”. I don’t know yet how I will apply this to the Asana practice, but I will find a way.

Tomorrow I will meet my parents, so I will be their daughter. Possibly avoiding family discussions and trying to enjoy my parents as they are, accepting and letting go. In a couple of weeks I will start leading a Teacher Training, so the role “Yoga teacher” goes to another level. The day after tomorrow, I will meet a friend I haven’t seen in a very long time, I am just looking forward to hug her, but I also know it wont be easy to support her in this hard moment of her life.

Have you ever thought of all the “roles” you have and on how the different roles influence your way of being, of reacting, of presenting yourself? We could also use the word “mask”, we are using many if not numberless masks to face different realities of our lives. And it’s ok, even if the word mask won’t sound appealing to each one of you.

When one starts thinking about all the “expressions” of it’s life, he or she realises that there is rarely a moment where we are completely raw and just without filters. It is a hard work to be completely exposed without wearing any type of make up, mask or uniform. Sometimes you may even wonder if it’s possible at all. And, i guess, it’s ok like that.

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